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SubjectRe: NFS looking good!
Steven N. Hirsch wrote:

> Here are some log entries from the server - not sure if they are serious
> or not (though the Aiee does not give me warm fuzzies):
> Aug 24 20:45:36 cy kernel: nlmclnt_freegrantargs: rqst=c396d208, caller=c01f19f5, owner=c396d304, oh_data=c396d304
> Aug 24 20:46:06 cy last message repeated 6 times
> Aug 24 20:46:46 cy last message repeated 8 times
> Aug 24 20:47:44 cy kernel: iput: Aieee, semaphore in use device 08:15, count=6
> Aug 24 20:47:59 cy kernel: nlmclnt_freegrantargs: rqst=c396d408, caller=c01f19f5, owner=c396d504, oh_data=c396d504
> Aug 24 20:48:39 cy last message repeated 4 times
> Aug 24 20:49:29 cy last message repeated 5 times
> Aug 24 20:56:00 cy kernel: iput: Aieee, semaphore in use device 08:15, count=26

The "semaphore in use" messages are serious -- that really shouldn't be happening. Is device 08:15 the NFS mount

The xxx_grantargs messages are just for debugging and can be removed.

Glad to hear things are working better, but there's still at least one more bug to be tracked.


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