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SubjectRe: FASTCALL in egcs was Re: Kernel 2.1.117 OOPS bug report
Pavel Machek wrote:
>Stephen van den Berg wrote:
>> Not 100%, true. Not really a reason to drop it completely I think, since
>> gcc is fixable. It actually is a rather small fix, I just didn't have
>> the time and energy anymore to fight with the rest of the gcc-team to
>> get this last patch in in a way that was acceptable to them.
>> Mind you, it took me two months to produce a compiler and libc that
>> worked flawlessly with regparm support up till and including regparm=5.
>> It then took me 1.7 years to actually get 99% of all needed patches into
>> gcc.

>Is it possible to post remaining 1% here (unless it is too big),
>preferably relative to egcs ? This should stop other people from doing
>this and should show that problem really is fixable.

I'm already mentally preparing myself to dive back into the gcc code.
I'll first pick up egcs and see if I still recognise the code :-).
Then I'll briefly see if I can fix it myself using the old patch(es) I
still have lying around. If that would take too much time, I'll
try and braindump onto the current egcs maintainers whatever
information and code-snippets I still have.

Simply posting the patches I had back then without me checking into
things first might not be so productive.
Stephen R. van den Berg (AKA BuGless).

This signature third word omitted, yet is comprehensible.

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