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SubjectRe: devfs

On Sat, 08 Aug 1998 14:08:24 -0400, Jeff Garzik <>

>> You'll have to be the only person that can pull this trick though.
>> If anyone else wants to do this, how is the kernel supposed to know whose
>> /home to mount? If the kernel doesn't know in advance where the /home is
>> located, it will have to search for it and it might find someone elses'
>> on another Jaz drive somewhere.

> Yeah, the only real problem inherent in UUIDs is that they inherently
> required a discovery phase, which probably involves searching (a) ALL
> your drives and partitions, (b) looking at a device list ("only search
> *these* devices"), or (c) adding another level of indirection by
> requiring a device->UUID map.

We already do the disk scanning when we perform partition discovery on a
new block device. We already have to maintain lists of partitions per
device. Keeping the uuid/label information is an insignificant extra
cost, and there's no indirection: the information can be exported via
/proc to whoever wants to use it, but we don't need to force programs to
use it if they don't want to.

> Going from the abstract (UUID) to the concrete (/dev/...) will be the
> bear.

Given that we've already got code to do it, this turns out not to be the
case. :)


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