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SubjectRe: NFS file locking broken (take 2)
> > to server.  This is incredibly rare, and I've found no good way to
> > reproduce it. Since it is never accompanied by error messages, I usually
> > find out later when, e.g. attempts at unpacking a downloaded tarball fail
> > with "tar archive truncated.." messages.

You can reproduce it to order by filling the disk for one, and because
of an O_APPEND problem in another. The former is simply not handled right
the latter is a bug, but I dont fully understand it

> > n.b. Alan: The Ooops's didn't appear until 2.1.117, AFAIK. They have not
> > been a longstanding issue.

The oopses are a bug I added in 2.1.117

> > - When building the kernel on an NFS mounted directory, a 'make mrproper'
> > will sometimes fail with numerous complaints about "files in use" when
> > trying to remove the linux/include/config hierarchy. Usually, the second
> > attempt succeeds.
> How easy to reproduce it?

That sounds like the rename problem in the NFS client (try running sendmail
on a diskless 2.1.x box) - it'll fail with rename problems.


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