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SubjectRe: SMP and RAID?
On Fri, 21 Aug 1998 wrote:
> Does this work together? I am not so sure, having heard of
> some stories. Anyway, we have a spare dual PPro board with plenty of
> memory and some older drives which we are hoping to run in RAID.

The server for our group is a DELL OptiPlex GXpro with 2 PentiumPros
running at 200 MHz. It has two Seagate Cheetah SCSI disks running
together in RAID 0 mode (this gives about 22 MB/s read performance for
large files). Its kernel is 2.0.33 and it's very stable so far (our
group is not that large though...).

- Felix
Felix Rauch | Email:
Institute for Computer Systems | Homepage:
ETH Zentrum / RZ H15 | Phone: ++41 1 632 7489
CH - 8092 Zuerich / Switzerland | Fax: ++41 1 632 1307

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