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Just have for know one question: on boot starting 2.1.116 it sees my
PnP modem (it's configured by the bios ) and sees it as ttyS02, but in my
directory /dev/ the ttyS0x aren't there, just the /dev/cuax and /dev/ttySX

but not ttyS0X not pts/ (unix98) so when i try to change the irq for the
modem i get:
# setserial /dev/ttyS02 irq 12
setserial: No such file or directory

# serserial /dev/modem(or cua2, or ttyS2) irq 12
setserial: Device or resource busy

But the modem is awake, just that the kernel sees it with other name...

I upgraded almost all the software that said in
linux/Documentation/Changes but still the ttyS02 isn't there and there
aren't pts/ neither, so what do i have to do ?? Do i have to run some
scrip or just mv /dev/ttyS2 /dev/ttyS02 or something similar, or what
software do i require ??

Hope somebody can tell me what to do, i got ppp-2.3.5 too, sorry if the
question is silly but don't know what to do :-(

Thanks for your answers !!!!

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