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SubjectRe: [REPORT] Adaptec and SMP problems on 2.0.35
Doug Ledford writes:

> With the aic7xxx version 5.0.19 and 2.0.35, the server can't survive a
> simultaneus kernel compilation and a ping flood through a 10 mbps LAN. It
> took 1 to 3 compilations, but always dies without any error log, just a
> blank screen and the "three finger salute" completely blocked, so I think is
> a deadlock... I made this test with the internal and the external adaptec
> controller, and with the internal eepro and the external 3com 509.
> So, I've got the 5.1.0 pre-patch7 and applied on the 2.0.35 kernel, I did
> the same tests, the machine did survive, but the driver resets the scsi
> every 5-10 seconds, so the it's completely useless.

At work, we have 4 Dell Workstation 410 (dual pII 400 MHz / 512 KB
Cache, 3c905B, 256 MB RAM). They have both AIC-7890 and AIC-7880 on
the mother board. I first Installed 2.0.35 and 5.0.19 on them with all
the drives (hard disks and CD-ROM) connected to the AIC-7880. I had
a lot of disk crashes like those you had but without the deadlock. At
each time I was able to reboot the machine but I had to use the rescue disk
very often to fsck manually the corrupted partition(s). I had 1 or 2
crashes per week and sometimes more.

Recently, I upgraded 2.0.35 to the 5.1.0-pre7 aic7xxx driver, I
reconnected the U2W SCSI disks to the aic-7890 and the SCSI CD-ROM are
still connected to the AIC-7880. Since this change, the machines are
very stable. We did over 500 MB NFS copy, big ftp transfers, big
compilation tests (octave + kernel) all together and no messages like
scsi reset, warnings or errors were logged. So, for me, the 5.1.0
driver is not useless at all !!!

Claude Lefrancois.

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