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SubjectRe: [REPORT] Adaptec and SMP problems on 2.0.35
On Tue, 18 Aug 1998, Ricardo Galli wrote:

> PS: YES I "Read all The Fine Manuals", mail archives, FAQs and howtows,
> there are many "indications" that possibly the adpatec driver/hardware is
> the guilty of the SMP lockups, but there is no a definitive solution.

Not only in SMP, twice in the past week my server-from-hell, which is
uniprocessor, has also locked hard with scsi errors. The controller is
an Acraptech 2940UW. I can't recall the exact errors off-hand (I'll check
the logbook when I get into work) I think one was a problem resetting the
scsi bus after some other error, the second one was different iirc.

I get the feeling that the various corruptions, general protections, kernel
oopses et al. that I've posted to this list in the past month are now scsi
related (I've already eliminated CPU, L1/L2 cache and power through hardware
testing - which imho leaves the ram and the scsi controller).


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