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SubjectNFS file locking broken (take 2)

I built and installed HJ's latest userland knfs utitilities in hopes that
file locking would work. No luck.

For test purposes, I ran two instances of a TclX script that simply tries
to write-lock, modify, read-lock and read back a file. Both instances
were run on the client machine. Both processes lock solid at the first
lock/contention event and are not interruptible; a reboot is needed to
clear them. On the server, lockd oopses:

Using `/lib/modules/2.1.115/' to map addresses to symbols.

>>EIP: c012174b <kfree+1ab/1c0>
Trace: c014c7ad <nlmclnt_freegrantargs+d/20>
Trace: c014e337 <nlmsvc_delete_block+107/120>
Trace: c014e4c5 <nlmsvc_lock+f5/320>
Trace: c014ef94 <nlmsvc_retrieve_args+b4/100>
Trace: c014f166 <nlmsvc_proc_lock+96/e0>
Trace: c014f166 <nlmsvc_proc_lock+96/e0>
Trace: c0184258 <svc_process+258/590>
Trace: c0185dfe <svc_recv+1ee/320>
Trace: c014dd4d <lockd+21d/2f0>
Trace: c0183e5f <svc_create_thread+bf/100>
Trace: c014dd4d <lockd+21d/2f0>
Code: c012174b <kfree+1ab/1c0> movl $0x0,0x0
Code: c0121755 <kfree+1b5/1c0> addl $0x8,%esp
Code: c0121758 <kfree+1b8/1c0> popl %ebx
Code: c0121759 <kfree+1b9/1c0> popl %esi
Code: c012175a <kfree+1ba/1c0> popl %edi
Code: c012175b <kfree+1bb/1c0> popl %ebp
Code: c012175c <kfree+1bc/1c0> addl $0x8,%esp
Code: c012175f <kfree+1bf/1c0>

Client and server are 2.1.116p2 and 2.1.115 respectively, with knfsd on
both ends.


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