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SubjectRe: Winmodem support
On Fri, 14 Aug 1998, Bob Lorenzini wrote:

> On Fri, 14 Aug 1998, Craig Schlenter wrote:
> > It may not be an issue for _you_ but taking the moral or technical high
> > ground and saying there are more virtuous issues to work on or better
> > solutions doesn't change the fact that I have to boot win95 to connect to
> > the Internet right now from my machine at home.
> By purchasing this garbage you become part of the problem by
> encouraging the manufacturers to continue merchandising bogus hardware.
> Vote with your wallet. I hope I never see support for win products in
> linux. If you use win__ to connect to the internet, your not a serious
> linux user anyway. :-)

Perhaps I'll clarify a few things. This is in response to multiple replies
I have received, some of which are downright insulting. At least yours has
a :-) and a few are actually rather level headed rather than blowing up at
the sight of the word 'win*'. It's no wonder with some of the attitudes
displayed by linux 'advocates' that parts of the market will always choose
to ignore us.

Contention #1: Winmodems are crap. Why did you buy one?

(1) Did I say that I had bought a winmodem???? I wouldn't be quite so daft
as to do that if I wanted to use linux. I happen to be borrowing one as my
other modem is slow and useless. Now perhaps I will go buy a proper modem
one of these days but you can't argue with the fact that more people would
use linux if it supported whatever hardware they happened to have.

Contention #2: Specs are 'historically difficult' to obtain.

(2) Has anyone tried to get the specs for the winmodems? Saying things
like 'historically difficult' doesn't exactly tell us whether or not
someone has asked hard enough for the specs. The more people that ask, the
greater the chance that something will happen.

I've mailed and asked for the specs btw.

Contention #3: How can you possibly even consider using windows for

(3) Ummmm .... in 16M of RAM, I can actually run netscape and the winmodem
works on 95. Sure it's a crappy OS as far as stability goes and it sucks
in a great many ways but it fulfills a need that linux currently can't for
me. Aside from the lack of winmodem support, on linux netscape crashes
frequently and bloats to 30megs or more after being used for a while. In
16Megs of RAM that's just too unbearable to use.

Can we kill this thread please or if people feel the need, take if offline
into private mail with me. There is enough rubbish on lk already.

I would seem to be the only linux user who happens to be stuck with a


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