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SubjectRe: Cannot Compile Kernel in Slackware 3.5
Alan Cox wrote:

> > I upgraded to Slackware 3.5 (2.0.34) and now I am facing
> > problems compiling the kernel. I cannot compile kernel 2.0.34
> > that came with the bundle. I did the following.
> You are attempting to build the 2.0.x kernel with gcc 2.8 or
> egcs. Only gcc 2.7.2-3 or earlier is supported. Your vendor
> should have included that version of the compiler somewhere, even
> if they include egcs as well.

I'm afraid not... it appears that Slackware now ships GCC 2.8
as standard, with egcs as an option. is gone... which
is the main reason why my next Linux box will not be a
Slackware box. (All of my current and past Linux systems
have been Slackware.)


Richard Stevenson
PGP Key ID 0x0E5A2DD5
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