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Subject2.0.35 fails to run X with egcs-19980803.

I was trying out the snapshot of egcs(19980803) and found out that
.. well.. there is a problem - X doesn't start up but rather gives
some kind of connection failed (111).

I remember seeing this error when I compiled the kernel with gcc-2.8.1,
so when I switched back to gcc- (and later egcs-1.0.3a) where
it works perfectly. I asked the guy named Jeffrey A Law (maintainer of
egcs) and his reply follows:

egcs does have these optimizations; however I was under the impressions
that newer versions of ioport.c were fixed to avoid the problem.

It is possible the bogus asm instructions in the 2.0.x kernels are causing
problems. I've been told these incorrect asms are fixed in the 2.1.x

I havn't tried compiling 2.1.115 with egcs-19980803 (no disk space & time).

Can someone share the wisdom with me regarding this matter?

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