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Subjectkernel 2.1.115

I like linux and want to have always that is posible the latest kernel
and i know that this kernels are development series but still i want to
try them out..
So here's my question: i got to and downloaded the
version 2.1.115(it said latest was that one) and install the source
compiled ok ( without kmod it said when i booted it that couldn't execute
some command don't know which because it said that in loop :-( ) then went
on and compiled it whitout kmod but know it says that cannot find init...
i guess it means the program in /sbin and tells me to try giving the init=
option to kernel and i do so:

LILO boot:linux vmlinuz init=/sbin/init

where linux is the label in lilo.conf but still says that can't find init.

So what can i do ?? or is it that i'm not giving the option to the
kernel in correct way ?? or does it refer to other tipe of init ??

Sorry is this question is just silly but i read lilo and kernel
documentation in the docs with the packages but didn't find anyhing to
help it.. A last question which kernel from this series is the most stable

I'm reading the kernel's hackers guide so i can learn this stuff if it's
God's will. Thanks for your answers !!!!

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