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SubjectRe: Patches vs complete tarballs....
On Fri, 14 Aug 1998, Matti Aarnio wrote:

> > > But either the linux-2.1.115.tar.gz at is slightly broken,
> > > or I somehow managed to screw up a simple tar command (or the subsequent
> > > steps - copying in the old .config, and make dep clean zlilo modules\
> > > modules_install, after cleansing the makefile of SMP and /boot stuff.)
> > >
> > > So, as I said, it's not a problem for me, I'm just a bit puzzled that it
> > > happened.
> >
> > After copying in an old .config you *MUST* do "make oldconfig"!!!!!
> I claim different. 'make oldconfig' has exactly same dependencies
> and actions as 'make config' -- and nearly same as 'make menuconfig'
> and 'make xconfig'.
> However the 'make *config' _MUST_ be done before you can
> continue with anything else (even 'make dep').

I save all of my config's in the /boot directory. When I want a
new kernel, I do a "make menuconfig" then load the old config,
and either make changes and save and exit, or just save and exit.
Then do a make dep && make clean && make zImage....

It's worked for 3 years no prob (well, since 2.0.0 anyways).

Mike A. Harris - Computer Consultant - Linux advocate

Escape from the confines of Microsoft's operating systems and push your
PC to it's limits with LINUX - a real OS.

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