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SubjectRe: CHALLENGE!!! =)
On Thu, 13 Aug 1998, Alex Buell wrote:

> On Thu, 13 Aug 1998, Tygrys wrote:
> > Not possible. The ,,excelent'' pc architecture allows only one (S)VGA
> > graphic card. However, you can plug in a VGA and a hercules :-)
> Does PCI allows us to plug in say, two Matrox Millenniums, and use as an
> unified X11 display across the two of the monitors?

Yes! Plug in the cards, insmod a KGI (or fbcon/kgicon, should be
doable with either) driver for each card, migrate two VCs to the different
fbx devices, set the FRAMEBUFFER = environment variable appropriately in
each console's shell and run XGGI with the LibGGI "tile" target which lets
you tile your framebuffer over any arbitrary number or type of
sub-targets. If you want a cheap 'n easy demo of this, fire up XFree86
and run XGGI with the tile target as above, but use the Xlib target as the
tile sub-target. Each tile will open in a new window in X, and you can
see the X server display spread out over each window.

Yes, you can tile tiled tiles etc. You can also use any LibGGI
target as the tile target, and they don't have to be the same type of
target either. Use as many tiles as you want, positioned however you
want, overlapping or otherwise. Use the VNC target and view your tiles
remotely on a Win32 machine! Do the same with the Xlib target and
remote-X! Use the AAlib target to create a huge X display out of a bunch
of old VT102 terminals! The possibilities are endless. Sometimes it
scares me.

> If Sparcs can do this with their framebuffer devices, why can't we?!

We can, if "we" use LibGGI.

> One
> of the most interesting things about the Sparcs is the *cool* ability to
> have as much as 8 displays hanging off the box.

Get a box with enough PCI slots and you too can do this. Or
network a bunch of boxes with 3 or 4 cards each and use a tile target,
each tile of which targets a remote target which itself is tiled among the
video cards of the machine in question.

Are we having any fun yet?


'Cloning and the reprogramming of DNA is the first serious step in
becoming one with God.'
- Scientist G. Richard Seed

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