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SubjectRe: Winmodem support
On Thu, 13 Aug 1998, Woody wrote:

> Hey guys...long time since I've been on the kernel list...need to get back
> on and check out some of the updates, but for now, linuxhq is providing me
> my RDA of development is the there plans for
> Winmodem support in the future? Also, why can't winmodems work with linux
> relative to the architecture level of the modem?
> I recently bought a nice Lucent Technologies Winmodem that supports KFlex
> and the new v.90 standard....I didn't know it was winmodem until I bought
> it...doesn't really matter, I have another modem for my linux box...


I just wanted to put in 1.44^2 cents here... I hope that there isn't
anyone working on a Winmodem driver. I feel that there are better things
to waste time on - like coming up with a standard for sound card
programming. Winmodems in general (IMHO) are a brain dead design. I have
yet to see a piece of software do as good or better job than hardware.
This also applies to Winprinters and anything else Win.

; ; Chris Zwilling
; Don't let people drive you crazy ;
; when you know it's in walking distance ; System Administrator
; ; 320.240.8243

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