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SubjectFrame Buffer and S3 ViRGE/DX
Hello out there

Yerstoday I have tried to use the new FB console code with the above
mentioned graphics card. There results where as follows:

1. Selectiong the vesa mode 0318 upon boot works fine. The pinguin logo
shows nicely and I have a 1000x1000 character console.

2. Selecting iso8859-2 as console font seems to work too.

3. For whichever reason the keyboard setup code for polish programmers
fails. For example Alt-l doesn't give me anylonger l/ (l-stroke) but
instead the turkish t, (t-ogonek)! Supposedly this is a damn unicode

4. startx results in a black screen of death. No console switching. So
Ctrl-Alt-Backspace rescue. No blind command input. However
Ctrl-Alt-Delete still seems to work.

Oh and yes I was attempting to use the X86_SVGA server with this setup...

What to do about it?
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