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SubjectRe: A true story of a crash.
On Fri, 14 Aug 1998, Ian and Iris wrote:

> Fortunately, you had a window of "top" running. Curiously, you notice that
> kswapd was on top, with 100 cpu. Then it hits you. A great big ZERO under the
> "free" column for your swap space. You were out of swap.
> A though strikes you. You strike back. Then you realize what it was. The machine
> Capital *MUST* have a way of coping when it runs out of memory. The machine did
> NOT cope.
> Perhaps there is no support for the memory management subsystem? But it keeps
> getting updates and patches. There must be SOMEONE working on this. To no avail
> you search and search.

A diff for linux/MAINTAINERS (maybe in 2.1.116)

+S: Maintained

And what's even better, I am the guy working on out-of-memory
handling and the code is almost ready.

If you're lucky, the patch will be out by sunday :)

| Linux memory management tour guide. |
| Scouting Vries cubscout leader. |

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