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    SubjectRe: try_to_unuse: entry xxx not in use
    Trever Adams wrote:

    > printk("try_to_unuse: entry %08lx "
    > "not in use\n", entry);
    > I believe I had the above section of code from swapfile.c (lines 338 and
    > 339) show up on shutting down 2.1.115 the other day. I have never had
    > it show up before. I am pretty sure that was it. It was after syslog
    > had shut down (RedHat standard init pretty much) and I believe after
    > disks were unmounted. The error looked very much like that if not that
    > (didn't right it down, was in a hurry).

    This message indicates that the system might have lost track of a swap page
    -- when it came time to turn swap off, the swap map count indicated that the
    page was in use, but no task was found still using it.

    The next time you plan to shut down, you might try turning swapoff -a by hand
    so that any such messages will get logged.


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