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Subjecttry_to_unuse: entry xxx not in use
printk("try_to_unuse: entry %08lx "
"not in use\n", entry);

I believe I had the above section of code from swapfile.c (lines 338 and
339) show up on shutting down 2.1.115 the other day. I have never had
it show up before. I am pretty sure that was it. It was after syslog
had shut down (RedHat standard init pretty much) and I believe after
disks were unmounted. The error looked very much like that if not that
(didn't right it down, was in a hurry).

I am not sure if this will all help but anyway here goes circumstances.
My machine had been up for most of the day. Usage was very high
(loadavg of about 7 to 10), memory was tight as well. Easily 40 meg
into swap some of the time with 72 meg of real RAM. Standard RedHat 5.1
with most updates and a few custom changes to inittab and other system
configs to make it more stable, secure, and work with multiple 2.1.x
kernels easily.

If I see the message again I will make sure to give a better report.

Anyway, 2.1.115 seems awesome most of the time on this Pentium 133 (with
the above config), but sometimes it seems to get rather slow... rather
meaning, I notice a slow down from 2.1.106 and it irritates me. I am
not sure most would notice it, but they may. I will try to figure out
exactly how and where it is slower and post what I find. It may not
help much since I am no kernel guru, especially with the code freeze and

Trever Adams

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