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SubjectRe: Patches vs complete tarballs....
Reply to mail from John Cochran about Patches vs complete tarballs....
> 1. uncompress and untar the original unaltered source into a directory.
> 2. cd into said directory
> 3. patch -p2 < patch_file > results
> 4. examine results

i have had excellent luck for a long time running doing similar to the

1. cd /usr/src/ (i store linux in /usr/src/linux/)
2. mv /tmp/patch.123.bz2 storage/
3. bunzip2 storage/patch.123.bz2
4. review patch
5. patch -p0 < storage/patch.123
6. find linux/ -name "*.rej"
7. ...

and all is well. very rarely do i find reject files. you may add or
detract from the list as is appropriate.

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