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    Subject2.1.115: floppy problems
    Hi everybody,

    did someone besides me also find floppy problems with 2.1.115?

    After upgrading from 2.1.114 to 2.1.115, my box always crashes when accessing
    the floppy drive. Really hard crash: No SysRq, no NumLock, nothing. Once the
    box rebooted directly after trying to access the floppy. The floppy LED
    stays on. Loading the floppy module does not crash the box, only accessing it.

    Details on my setup:
    floppy compiled as module. 2.1.115. UP. FIC PA-2010 (VIA Apollo). AMD-K6-2 @
    3.5 x 83.3 MHz.
    Aug 11 16:31:27 kg1 kernel: inserting floppy driver for 2.1.115
    Aug 11 16:31:27 kg1 kernel: Floppy drive(s): fd0 is 1.44M
    Aug 11 16:31:27 kg1 kernel: FDC 0 is a post-1991 82077

    Floppy uses IRQ6 and DMA2.

    Any ideas or fixes, someone?

    I saw, that the floppy code didn't change between 2.1.114 and 115, so I
    guess the problem is in the timer, irq or dma code.

    Kurt Garloff, Dortmund
    PGP key on

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