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Subjectbad patches (was: Patches vs complete tarballs....)

John Cochran writes:

> However, in my defense, I have to point out a problem with the patches...
> Yes, I'm claiming that the patches aren't correct. The reason I'm

Yes. According to the patch(1) man page:


If the recipient is supposed to use the -pN option, do not
send output that looks like this:

diff -Naur v2.0.29/prog/README prog/README
--- v2.0.29/prog/README Mon Mar 10 15:13:12 1997
+++ prog/README Mon Mar 17 14:58:22 1997

because the two file names have different numbers of
slashes, and different versions of patch interpret the
file names differently. To avoid confusion, send output
that looks like this instead:

diff -Naur v2.0.29/prog/README v2.0.30/prog/README
--- v2.0.29/prog/README Mon Mar 10 15:13:12 1997
+++ v2.0.30/prog/README Mon Mar 17 14:58:22 1997


The "bad" example looks almost like a kernel patch, including an
oddly familiar version number. Hmmm, perhaps it is a hint?

The man page suggests a command like this:
LC_ALL=C TZ=UTC0 diff -Naur gcc-2.7 gcc-2.8

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