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SubjectRe: kill -9 <pid of X>

>> Can't be done. The card would have to be able to recover no
>>matter where is is when it crashes, and that is impossible. X simply
>>cannot crash during a critical section. Ever. It also cannot be
>>interrupted by anything during a critical section. Ever. See my other
>>post in this thread for more info.
>And see my post in the same thread on why you're wrong. Your
>"impossible" isn't.

You haven't really explained this though. Unless I misread it, you
explained how the X server can protect itself against a kill -9
from a non root user. But what happens if the X server crashes of
its own accord and leaves the video hardware in a strange state?

Yes, it's a bug in the X server that needs fixing, but surely it's
the kernel's job to ensure that hardware is in a usable state
irrespective of what's being done in userland?


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