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SubjectRe: kill -9 <pid of X>

Kragen writes:
> On Tue, 11 Aug 1998, Tigran Aivazian wrote:

>> Yes, it *is* very much a kernel issue. What happens if you
>> kill -9 the X server? The machine hangs because the kernel
>> does not sanify the console/VT, i.e. switch it back to the
>> text mode of the VT whence the X server was started.
> This has been beat to death in the GGI/KGI/fb discussions.
> Please don't bring it up again.
> (It would be nice if someone had already written a small wrapper for X
> that would sanify the console when X crashes, as Linus suggested. Has
> someone? My X crashes every few months.)

That was beat to death too: you can't do it. If you'd like to try,
I have a "nice" Cirrus Logic clgd5430 card you can try to restore.
Yeah, sure you can use DOSEMU on your wonderful card. We're all
happy for you, and would love to have a card like yours. I can even
hit the reset button and boot into an OS with official drivers,
but it doesn't do any good. Only the big red switch works.

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