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SubjectRe: 128MB Swap-Space Limit
At 15:37 11/08/98 +0200, Thomas Scheunemann wrote:
>Is there any deeper reason, why a single swap-space is limited to 128MB (on

Note: this is from memory (and swapped back in, now).
Swapping is done by pages, 4KB at a time. A separate page of 4KB is used
by the kernel as a bitmap to describe the state of the various pages
inside the swap file. Such a bitmap contains 32K bits, each bit describing
the validity of a 4KB piece of the swapfile. Therefore, swapfiles are
limited to 32K*4KB = 128MB.

And yes, it's easy to enhance this. Either you keep more pages for your
swap bitmap or you activate more than one swapfile.
Not much difference, really.


Marnix Coppens

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