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Subject2.1.115 scsi funnies
Howdy people, I have noticed some scsi peculiarities;
my ncr53c810 claims that it does not support synchronous
transfers, but AFAIK it does.


From /proc/scsi/ncr53c8xx/0:

Chip NCR53C810a, device id 0x1, revision id 0x12
IO port address 0xe000, IRQ number 11
Using memory mapped IO at virtual address 0xc4800000
Synchronous period factor 25, max commands per lun 32

From log:

ncr53c810a-0-<4,*>: SYNC transfers not supported.

Aren't these controversial? Inside /proc I can see a
sync period factor of 25, which should produce 10Mhz
as sync frequency, which seems quite appropriate. Then
again at driver init (at boot) the kernel claims that
SYNC transfers are not supported.

Then another thing; I tried ide-scsi for my ATAPI cdrom
and when 'probe all luns on scsi devices' was enabled,
the cdrom got detected 8 times, on every possible lun.
Now, it's easy to get around this by disabling the probe
option, but what if I had a CD jukebox _and_ I wanted to
use ide-scsi? It is probably harmless that the drive gets
detected 8 times, but it is just annoying if it can be
avoided. Boot parameters, anyone?

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