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SubjectRe: [OFFTOPIC]linux + WIN98
bryan vold wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 08, 1998 at 03:30:55AM -0300, Garst R. Reese wrote:
> > Hi guys, sorry to intrude on the wonderful devfs list :), but I need a
> > favor.
> > I'm buying my lovely wife a ThinkPad 385. It comes with Win98, but I
> > want to wean her off to Linux. W98 is installed on 2GB partition and
> > there is an empty 1GB partition. It comes with a recovery CD, but that's
> > it. No chance for a custom install. Her primary activity will be
> > writing, so she needs LaTeX, ghostscript, LyX, and X + Netscape for
> > surfing. If anybody has experience with a similar setup, good or bad, or
> > can point me to a FAQ or HOWTO, it would greatly help.
> Loadlin+Win95-HOWTO
> > Me, I have a 486 with 20Mb ram, all linux 2.1.115, so I don't know jack
> > about W$
> > My real questions are "will lilo work?",
> Not if the filesystem has been converted to FAT32. Use loadlin. I converted
> to FAT32 before I read the FAQ. Make sure you read the latest versions of the
> FAQ, I'm sure someone will start adding pieces for Win98. For now, basically,
> you should be able to apply anything that applies to Win95.
> FYI, a couple of things. FAT32 is very fast, I like it when I _HAVE_ to run
> Windows (experimenting with JDK1.2, for ex.) The script at the end of
> Loadlin+Win95-HOWTO works great.
> (You CAN use lilo if you want to boot from floppy, -- even with FAT32 -- ...
> Been there, done that. But it can be a pain. Lilo would actually be loaded
> on the boot sector of the floppy. Technically, you don't NEED to use LILO
> from floppy, it can boot a linux kernel directly, with the correct root device
> configured with rdev)
> > Can I just move W98 to the smaller partition and have it work? I would have
> > to trim it a bit, because all the shit they have loaded takes up 1.2GB.
> Don't know. Might be good to note that the floppies on the IBM Thinkpads have
> a bizarre configuration. It was necessary in the past (at least with some of
> the distributions) to specify a special parameter to the kernel so it would
> recognize the floppy correctly -- something about lines being crossed or
> something like that. There is a Linux on IBM Thinkpad FAQ --
> -- but I don't know if it
> addresses issues with Win98. HTH.
> -Bryan
> --

Partition magic would be the magic solution with the boot
manager, no problem with win32 there.

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