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SubjectRe: IDE-Driver Disk Accounting Missing, Maybe SCSI too......
On Mon, 10 Aug 1998, Linus Torvalds wrote:

> Andre, I find you to be completely incomprehensible.
> - Linus does not "believe" there are problems with DMA. Linus "knows".
> Big difference.
> - I _have_ removed the above thing, long ago, I removed it the moment I
> got the patch from Mark that (a) documented the fact that some drives
> have problems with DMA and (b) made it a configuration option that
> enabled DMA by default.
> That was all I really asked for. It's not the "clever" solution, but it
> makes everybody reasonably happy. This way you can compile a kernel with
> DMA support and run that same kernel on multiple machines, and then
> actually enable that DMA support only on the machines you trust (imagine
> RedHat or somebody else doing a generic kernel). Or if you trust all of
> them then you can make it enable DMA automatically - you have the choice.
> So Andre, if you expect me to take you seriously, why don't you just get
> your facts straight. Don't expect me to apply your patches if you still
> don't understand that there actually were disks that had problems with
> DMA.
> Linus

Thank you, I have your attention and I am grateful.

I am aware that there are cases of disks that had problems with DMA.

I had a problem of my own wrt to DMA, but it was not code related.
It was a hardware problem do to disk timing problems between
a DMA mode 2 WD and a UDMA Maxtor Diamond series on a PIIX3 controller.

I discovered that this control defaults to primary for HWIF speed.
With the faster drive as secondary, there was a buffer miss-que of some
sort. I never truly solved that hardware conflict via software hacks.
Thus I replaced the Maxtor with a WD.

My point, to be made, is the need for some method of disabling drives
and hardware that are questionable. This will allow the code to be
completely checked out. Then we can attemp to find work arounds for
the non-standard behaviors.

If we can agree on this point, I will formally retract my challenage.

Now if the driver is going to be "Orphaned", I am now publicly offering
to step forward and help until someone better qualified than me returns
or takes over.

I have been asked to integrate the ARM, PPC, and M68K ide-device stuff
into the current source, which I am doing.

Andre Hedrick

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