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    SubjectRe: Yet more VM writable swap-cached pages
    On Thu, 9 Jul 1998 20:07:10 +0100 (BST), Ganesh Sittampalam <> said:

    >> OK, the next thing that would be interesting to know is which tasks are
    >> mapping the page. Could you add tsk->comm (with a %s format) to the
    >> debugging information?

    > OK, it's compiling now. Is there anything I can do soon after seeing them
    > to get more info?

    Not really --- the condition is likely to persist as long as the process
    concerned is still around, so just capture the flags and mail them to
    me, I'd be grateful.

    >> Any idea on what triggers the messages?

    > Heavy load seems to make sense, it's happening a lot at the moment while
    > I do a make -j 5 on my kernel and it also happened once when I was working
    > it hard with Netscape. Not very helpful I suspect.

    Well, it does somewhat confirm that it's not necessarily wine-related,
    which looked a possibility at one point. Thanks.


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