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SubjectRe: [Patch]: Secure SysRQ update for 2.1.10{7,8pre1}.

> > > This is an update to my previous sysrq patch. It makes it so you can
> > > password protect any sysrq keys you want to, instead of only the whole
> > > bunch. /proc/sys/debug/sysrq_secure is now a string, you echo the
> > > command keys for the sysrq commands you want to be secure. Example:
> > > # cd /proc/sys/debug
> > > # cat /etc/sysrqpassword >sysrq_password
> > > # echo 'ilb' >sysrq_secure
> > > This sets the sysrq password to whatever is in /etc/sysrqpassword.
> > > It also makes 'kIll', 'killalL', and 'Boot' password protected.
> > > If you want to make it so no commands are secure, you:
> > Just... I like this one, please apply. It will allow us to do
> > sysrq_over_network (something I have working but I somehow feel
> > autentication is not enough...)
> The authentication not enough in general, or not enough for
> sysrq_over_network? BTW, another failing in it is that you have

Not enough for going over network. (I'm afraid of passing plaintext
passwords over network, still, it is better than passing hardcoded
plaintext passwords :-).

> to hit hold the sysrq combination while typing the password. Would
> this be a problem on SPARCs with 'A' in the password?

Yes. Hitting stop-A will drop you into BIOS monitor pretty fast.


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