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SubjectRe: [offtopic] dual vga?

On Wed, 8 Jul 1998, Jon M. Taylor wrote:

> On Wed, 8 Jul 1998, Nathan Hand wrote:
> > Accelerated X supports multi-head support with *some* video cards, for
> > the list see GGI supports multi-head via KGI, but you
> > may want to wait until GGI enters ALPHA before playing with it :-)
> <righteous indignation>
> Please do not make disparaging comments about GGI stuff if you
> have not even looked at it, since from your comment it is quite obvious
> that you have not. "GGI" (EvStack, KGI and LibGGI) has been alpha for
> quite some time now and is actually going beta for 1.0 within months.
> </righteous indignation>

Uh, dude, I'm running GGI on my machine right now, and I download the
latest revision each week, and I've even participated in the creation
of some patches.

I'm just repeating the warning currently present on ggi-project which
says "don't claim GGI is ready for prime-time, it isn't even in alpha
yet". It's not my party-line: it's official policy.

I gather you're pretty enthusiastic about GGI, but I wasn't trying to
make any "disparaging comments" about the system. Step back a bit and
you'll probably see this for yourself.

> To return to to topic at hand, yes KGI does support multiheading.

I know, that's why I said so.

> Let me update this list on exactly what KGI can do and where it is
> [84 lines of updates snipped]

A URL would have been more succint.

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