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SubjectRe: Linux in Mondays NY Times
To the extent that it matters, I will attempt to find out (I did say
"assuming that the above is true" as you will recall). The part that
Mark played in the AT is true as such a statement can be (it was a group
effort) though the original "architecture" of the IBM/AT was derived
from the IBM/PC which was copied from the "datamaster" with important
improvements (and cost reductions (i.e. unimprovements)). Usually,
David Bradley is credited with the the architecture for the original
IBM/PC (which was deigned under horendous time constraints). Not that
any of this is so critical except that it hints at how long ideas can
live. Make sure that your designs are sane, you may live with them for
a long time. The original IBM/PC idea that a dma device would refresh
the memory .... yuk.

Ed Welbon - - open minds create open software.

On Wed, 8 Jul 1998, Alan Cox wrote:

> Maybe someone should ask him. I've not seen a single concrete reference
> to a proven fact in this whole discussion

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