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SubjectRe: Merced makes things interesting, eh?
Shawn Leas wrote:
> A little excerpt from a writeup by Rebecca Sykes, InfoWorld Electric seems
> to say that when Merced comes out, a lot of big vendors will transition to
> this platform, abandoning their own chip archtrs.
> "It should lower the cost for Unix vendors who choose to go with Intel
> because they won't have to continue developing their own proprietary
> platform to run Unix on," McCabe said. For
> example, Hewlett-Packard, Merced's co-developer, has announced that it
> will transition users of its 64-bit Unix-based PA-RISC platform beginning
> in 1999, she said.

I would tend not to believe anything the media writes.
Several weeks ago at a Software Engineering Symposium I had a chance
to talk with several engineers from HP, Sun, SGI, etc.

To quote an engineer from one the companies.
<Begin Quote>
We really do not care what OS is running on the hardware, just
as long as it is our hardware.
<End Quote>

When pressed for further information it seems that this company
has plans to sell hardware minus any OS with the assumption being
that the end-user will probably install Linux.

> Does this then mean that Linux (being technically superior in some
> respects to many major Un*xes) will be in an even better position to
> compete with big propriety OSes? I work with PH-UX (PHucking sUX), I
> would like to see something like linux instead of it.

I would tend to think that they are following the Digital lead
with selling hardware that does not necessarily have their OS on it.
The hardware vendors have discovered that clients are not turning
around like they use to. The clients are also not as willing to pay
the high price for "software maintainance".

They are moving more to selling based on hardware features and
less on the OS features.

> Thoughts?
> -Shawn

Terry L. Ridder
Blue Danube Software (Blaue Donau Software)
"We do not write software, we compose it."

When the toast is burnt
and all the milk has turned
and Captain Crunch is waving farewell
when the Big One finds you
may this song remind you that they
don't serve breakfast in hell

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