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SubjectRe: 2.0.34 -- 2.0.35pre5: rw_swap_page: weirdness

> > Which CPU, which compiler? It also sounds as if you've not got a fully
> > recompiled kernel: you might see this message if you hadn't recompiled

AMD K6 200 (Gigabyte GA-586TX3 board, 64 MB SDRAM, ATI 3D Rage II+, IBM IDE 6.4GB,
no other special hardware).
gcc is

> I had one of each come out of a 2.0.34 kernel, compiled from scratch.
> Life seems easier if I don't reuse .config files or anything else from
> one kernel to the next, so I always make mrproper before patching.
> Haven't seen it more than once though, and that was six days ago. The
> machine does little besides serve web pages and issue a general
> protection on tcp_recvmsg+368/1036 every week or so.
> Intel P133, gcc More info if you're interested.

I used `make dep clean zlilo modules modules_install' to build it from
scratch (configuration with make xconfig, starting with default setup - no
previous .config files)
I got 2.0.34 from a local mirror site (2.0.35pre patches from Allan's FTP server).
The patches were always applied to a newly unpacked 2.0.34.

A 2.0.34 runs nicely on my other box (P200 MMX, ASUS TX97_XE, 64MB EDO, 2 IDE harddisks,
Adaptec SCSI with DAT).

If you want, I can send the .config file or more info.

Cord Seele

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