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SubjectMerced makes things interesting, eh?

A little excerpt from a writeup by Rebecca Sykes, InfoWorld Electric seems
to say that when Merced comes out, a lot of big vendors will transition to
this platform, abandoning their own chip archtrs.

"It should lower the cost for Unix vendors who choose to go with Intel
because they won't have to continue developing their own proprietary
platform to run Unix on," McCabe said. For
example, Hewlett-Packard, Merced's co-developer, has announced that it
will transition users of its 64-bit Unix-based PA-RISC platform beginning
in 1999, she said.

Does this then mean that Linux (being technically superior in some
respects to many major Un*xes) will be in an even better position to
compete with big propriety OSes? I work with PH-UX (PHucking sUX), I
would like to see something like linux instead of it.

In other words, I think it's like this...

What Proprietary Un*x vendors think:
Wow, we can muscle in on Linux/FreeBSD's Web server territory,
and finally prove who's superior now that we run the same
Wow, they're gonna stumble into MY HOUSE and FINALLY we can see
who's boss, seeing as we can now run the same racetrack. KICKASS!


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