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SubjectShared Objects
Hi all,
I am writing a program that uses some shared objects that I have
written. One shared object I have depends on another shared object
which should work fine. On the link line to create this .so I give ld
-shared, -rpath and -rpath-link. So in debugging the program I found
that the dlopen of this .so fails so I step into the dlopen code and bug
until I found the problem. This will be easier if I give an example, so
here goes: is made. is made and is linked with, so if I do a ldd on I see that is a dependancy but ldd says it can not find
steping through the dlopen call for when opening all
dependancies I see that the file it is trying to open in
/usr/lib/ which is not where it is. It never looks in the dirs
that I specified with the -rpath and the -rpath-link options to the

I am using version 1.9.2 of and and version
cygnus-2.6 (with BFD of ld.

Any help on this would be great.
Thanks in advance


Glenn MacGregor

Applications Engineer
Oracom, Inc.

Tel. +1 978.557.5710
Fax +1 978.557.5716

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