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SubjectRe: How to upgrade RedHat 5.0 kernel?

> After make zImage, I got vmlinuz and
> I copied these files to /boot and changed the /etc/lilo.conf
> file to reference the new files.
> But I still got the old version of kernel.
After you moved the files and edited lilo.conf, did you run lilo to update
the info in the boot sector? It may be reading the old one.

> when I make zdisk, and then use the floppy disk to boot it can boot
> the new kernel.
> I guess the trick is in the lilo.conf file. What is the boot.b file
> and boot.1603 file in the boot directory. And in the boot directory
> there is another map file. Please help to figure out the strategy to
> upgrade the kernel.
boot.b is the boot sector information that lilo saves when you install it.
boot.1603 is a backup of this ( I think ).

Matthew D. Pitts

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