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SubjectRe: Kernel v2.3.x
Alex Buell <> said:
> I've been thinking about the 2.3.x development, I have some suggestions
> that might help make the code tree more manageable.

It is manageable as is.

> How about splitting the kernel tree into separate .tar.gz files like so:

Has been proposed dozens of times, and shot down each time because:

- You don't download full kernels, you download patches
- Gives much more chance to error: core-2.3.14 + arch-ia32-2.3.9 doesn't
compile for me anymore: Why?
- Much more mess doing patches: You'd need patches for each and every piece
- What do you do if 2.3.45 --> 2.3.46 changes just code for AXP?
- If you are doing serious development work, you just _can't_ go ahead and
fix core + arch-ia64, you _must_ fix (or at least check) all other
arch-dependent code. So you'll need the whole thing anyway
- It means more work for the core developers, and _that_ is a way too
precious resource to waste for a minor convenience

And finally:

- Linus has repeatedly said he just won't do it. It's his kernel, he calls
the shots.

OTOH, for _stable_ kernel series this makes some sense for distributions.
And that is exactly what at least RedHat does: The kernel sources for i386
do not contain architecture dependent pieces for other architectures.
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