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SubjectRe: Hack for Sound question
On Tue, 21 Jul 1998, Thomas Molina wrote:

> RedHat 5.X does this. They created a script which, among other things,
> does aumix -L at startup and aumix -S at shutdown. It saves these
> settings in /etc/.aumixrc.

I don't know how or what Redhat does, but someone (Alan Cox I believe)
previously posted what I believe to be the best solution, using
conf.modules options:

(excerpt from man modprobe)
options module symbol=value ...
alias module real_name
pre-install module command ...
install module command ...
post-install module command ...
pre-remove module command ...
remove module command ...
post-remove module command ...

As you can see, simply have a "post-install" line to read the mixer
settings and a "pre-remove" to save them. Simple, elegant. There are a
couple of caveats, but you dont normally auto-clean the sound module

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