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SubjectRe: lock, mutex etc.
On Tue, 21 Jul 1998, Michael Liao wrote:
> At any time, there is only *ONE* process(or thread) in kernel. Linux
> have a long way to each really SMP-kernel.

Hi Michael, I see you haven't caught up with reality yet. Better
read up (follow the links from my homepage) before posting
blatant statements like that...

> Somnath Roy writes:
> >Is there any lock/mutex primitives available for Linux kernel to use ?
> > How the shared data is protected from multiple kernel processes ?

Linux 2.1 has fine-grained locks on most things in the kernel,
this allows for an SMP system which scales rather well.

Some things are protected by large locks (kswapd) because they
affect large areas of the system and haven't been rewritten yet,
but most areas scale very well.

The filesystem code (and some other stuff as well) has been
threaded since the 0.97 (?) days so scalability shouldn't be
an issue there...

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