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SubjectRe: Linux behaviour in low memory situations.
On Mon, 20 Jul 1998, John Kodis wrote:

>On Sun, Jul 19, 1998 at 08:03:50PM -0700, Linus Torvalds wrote:
>> This is certainly the right time to test and complain..
>Well, since you asked for it...
>I've had 2.1.109 freeze up solid 3 times yesterday, usually after
>running for an hour or so. No response to Sysreq, nothing in the
>logs, nothing special happening at the time. On the same hardware
>2.0.32 has never done this. Sorry there's not more to report.

You should report thing like this all the time.

Grab my latest patch-ikd:

against 109, and set in the menuconfig kerneldebug->kerneldebug->print

Then recompile after a dep clean and boot the new kernel.

Now you must run on console and when the kernel will lock you must write
by hand all the numbers in the two boxes on the screen and send me the
numbers +

Andrea[s] Arcangeli

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