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SubjectRe: 2.1.109+l-con90 breaks my APM blanking
Martin Mares wrote:
> > FWIW, the old vesa blanking stuff seemed to have an interaction with
> > APM, so only certain settings of suspend time worked. If it was too
> > short, the screen would blank and wake up again repeatedly. Scott called
> > it a buggy bios, but I think the APM docs are screwed and the
> > implementing code follows. But I can't find anything either :(
> Do you have VESA blanking enabled (setterm -powersave)?
Here is some more info.
I used dosemu to run MSD, and it reports VESA not enabled. This is not
a bios setup option. I tried .109 vanilla and it seemed to work. Tried
.110 and it seemed to work, but then I ran dosemu to check the screen
stuff and after that blanking etc. did not work again. I shut down X,
umounted my dos partition, rmmod -a until everything that removes did,
and blanking etc. returned to normal.


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