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SubjectRe: RFC: preliminary patch for memory defragmentation
Michael L. Galbraith wrote:

> I put your patch into 2.1.109 and did a little FeO testing.

> Restarted with 16 MB. fsck chose this time to check my root partition,
> which resulted in many kswapd messages. (sweat.. do_try_to_free_page)
> I let it chug along for the rest of the night, and see no deterioration.

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your help in testing. I've posted a slightly revised patch
that should be a little more effective.

I've been running tests using scripts that spawn 100's of processes
simulataneous with large greps and finds, and the defragging action is
effective much of the time. It depends a lot though on the memory usage
pattern -- the current defragger is only able to steal from page and
buffer cache. Once I teach it how to steal other kinds of memory it will
probably work a lot better.


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