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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.0.35: updated Jumbo -4 patch
    Hi Patpong,

    OK, I now have two reports of the patch causing a reboot just after the
    bogomips calibration. In fact, that makes three machines tested that exhibit
    exactly this behaviour.

    All three machines use Intel Pentium/Pentium MMX/Tillamook processors. Machines
    using i486, Cx486, Intel PII, Celeron, Cyrix 6x86, AMD K6 processors, etc... do

    So I believe the problem stems from the f00f bug detection code in bugs.h,
    called from check_bugs, interacting with some memory initialization code in

    I have moved up check_bugs in /init/main.c, this may be triggering the problem.

    Could you please try the following, it should solve the problem:

    - the Jumbo patch must have left a /init/main.c.orig file. Copy it back to
    main.c, and do a "make zImage" again (that should be pretty fast). Install the
    new kernel and reboot.

    Here are the reports of the spontaneous reboot:

    On Mon, 20 Jul 1998, Patpong Wetyanon wrote:
    >My computer reboot after calibrating delay loop ..
    >pnp patch
    >aic7xxx 5.1.0pre4
    >awedrv 0.4.2d
    On Sun, 19 Jul 1998, Andreas U. Trottmann wrote:
    >On the Tillamook, Linux started to boot, but after showing "Calibrating delay
    >loop.." for an unusually long time (2 secs or so), it rebooted.
    >The P120 doesn't have a graphics card (I could dig one up though, if you
    >want...) but it seemed to show the same behaviour: It rebooted constantly.

    Thanks a lot for the testing/debugging. :-)

    Andrew D. Balsa

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