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First I would like to apologize for using this list to post my
question, but after attempting to find the answer to this question in
other news groups, it has to date been ignored.

Im trying to find information on the /proc/kcore file. I have noticed on
all my Linux boxes, the size of this file is always the same size of
installed system memory. So on one particular box with 128 meg of memory,
the size of this file is 134221824 bytes. My question is what is this
file used for and more importantly why is this file so large? This seems
to be a waste of diskspace. Am I wrong in assuming this file has
something to do with the kernel? Can this file be shrunk in size to
preserve disk space? I admit total ignorance, but Im willing to learn
and after all we all have to start someplace right? Again my apologies go
to the list for this off topic message, but it seems more on topic than
some messages Ive seen in here such as the KDE issue. Thanks in advance
for any knowledge you are willing to share with someone eager to learn.



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