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    SubjectRe: Strange interrupt behaviour

    > On Tue, 14 Jul 1998, Alex Buell wrote:
    > > On Tue, 14 Jul 1998, Linus Torvalds wrote:
    > >
    > > > Anyway, looking at the table it is fairly obvious why machines with much
    > > > memory don't tend to have problems..
    > >
    > > Yes, precisely. From your figures, 64MB machines are just right for 2.1.x
    > > kernels at the moment which is quite reasonable, but if we could get this
    > > fixed for 8MB boxes - 46% attrition rate isn't good - [which most 386s
    > > usually have], then I think everyone would be a lot happier with that.
    > >
    > > I don't know if there are anyone still using 4MB boxes with 2.1.x kernels
    > > - anyone else care to speak up?
    > >
    > > Cheers,
    > > Alex.
    > >
    > I used to use an old 386 with 4mb of ram with slackware but I recently
    > stopped when I got my pentium machine. I would guess that 1% of linux users
    > still have such an arrangement.
    > The Linux community seems to take pride in bringing old hardware to life
    > again. With a 2.0.3x kernel I've heard that a 386 makes a nice and very
    > cheap ip masq box and even a router. I would be sad to have that stop or
    > leave ppl hanging with older kernels wide open to the new DoS attack of the
    > month kiddies. As a matter of fact I am making a UMSDOS based installation
    > designed for such systems and I would love to get a 2.2.x kernel in it as
    > soon as possible.
    > I would encourage those of you to working on kernel memory management, etc.
    > to please keep the 4mb machines supported.
    > Thanks for your time...
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    > Bruce A. Locke
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    I've got a couple of low-memory machines, in fact I was playing around trying
    to install slackware-3.5 on a 8M machine and on a 4M machine, that just wasn't happening.
    Got alot of 'couldn't get a free page' when trying to mke2fs a 1.2G and 1.6G drive after
    booting off of a net.i bootdisk and loading color.gz and after enabling about a 100M swap
    partition... I've got a 386DX/40 running as an IP_masq'ing server and a router for IP
    and IPX and have a couple of 486DX/33's getting ready to do the same. One thing I thought
    was interesting was that with the 486DX/33 w/ 8M when I did a cat /proc/meminfo about half
    of the memory was being used by 'buffers', and that didn't seem to go down when I was
    running mke2fs, the amount of cache used went down to nil as best I could tell, but the
    buffers didn't seem to change at all...

    Stephen Frost

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