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SubjectRe: unnacceptable behavior...
Richard Gooch wrote:
> David S. Miller writes:
> >
> > There are many ways to deal with a thread of discussion one does not
> > like here. In fact the list of ways is endless.
> As are some threads...
> > However the one chosen by Mr. Gooch was the most asinine one I could
> > have ever dreamt up.
> Perhaps. Like I said earlier, I've had a gutful of this thread. What
> really annoys me is that days ago people had asked that the thread be
> taken off linux-kernel, and it was totally ignored. You yourself
> claimed (falsely) it was relevant. It amazes me that people will
> inflict their offtopic flamewars on others despite being asked to keep
> the flamewar off the list. It strikes me as quite arrogant.

So you're THE judge of what's "right" and what's "wrong".

I'd say that David has much more right to that title than you do.

> > Mr. Gooch has been removed from this list so that he has a chance to
> > read this and turn off his procmail rule, instead of slingshotting
> > postings back to people all day and potentially creating mailing list
> > loops galore. (it was a preventative measure Richard, I'm not trying
> > to remove you permanently from the list, so please don't take it this
> > way)
> OK, just so I'm clear on this: there has been no evidence of a mail
> loop (at least not via me)?
> I'm quite careful about mail loops so I would be *very* surprised if I
> had caused one.

Some people (like David) have seen one too many mail loop. If he says
he's afraid for mail loops, I'd guess that there is a better than 50%
chance that he's right. Not because you're creating an obvious mail
loop, but because others have things configured in such a way that you
will inadvertedly create a mail loop.

If you're doing what I think you are, then people who have a local
mail forwarder "lk@some.where" that forwards mail to the local
subscribers, and forwards submissions by the local subscribers
to the list under the "lk@some.where". Your submission to that
address might get sent to the list again, because it is not

> > So if the thread doesn't stop and it really sickens you, procmail it
> > to dev null, not back to the posters and the list itself, that's just
> > anti-social behavior.
> Yeah, perhaps it was anti-social. I certainly intended to be
> aggressive, since the thread was drowning out nearly everything
> else. Just /dev/null'ing it doesn't provide encouragement to people to
> cease and desist, though. I'm sure people who have to pay for their

Really, it will eventually die down. But behaving anti-social is not
the "way to go".


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