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    SubjectRe: proposal: /dev/midi/...
    >> ... devfs ...

    Well, yes, similar in intent but not in implementation, although
    perhaps related. There is currently no support in the OSS-derived
    sound driver for opening a device that corresponds to a MIDI interface
    to an on-board synth (particularly the OPL/3). The assumption is that
    you open /dev/sequencer{,2}, and then get "device numbers" using an
    ioctl, and then subsequently route MIDI data to that device by setting
    "devno" in the event structure used by the sequencer interface. This
    has very little to do with providing a MIDI interface that can be used
    by more generic programs, those that want to open something like
    /dev/midiNN, and write legal MIDI bytes to the resulting file

    Another example: if I want to run an application that provides
    realtime (graphical, perhaps) control of a on-board synth via a
    specialized device driver for that soundcard/synth, right now I have
    to open /dev/sequencer{,2}, and then use ioctl's on the fd to send
    SNDCTL_SYNTH_CONTROL messages. Thats OK, until I want to start an
    actual sequencer application that will also want to open
    /dev/sequence{,2}. This is a stupid, stupid limitation. Having to
    access synth "devices" (as opposed to their MIDI "interface") via
    /dev/sequencer,{2} is a big mistake. /dev/sequencer{,2} should be
    providing a mechanism for timing, not the major means of access to a

    Thus, I also think there should be:


    or even just


    and perhaps


    as well.

    These are for use by applications that want direct control over the
    synth, not MIDI access to it.


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