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SubjectRe: Linus Speaks About KDE-Bashing

On 13 Jul 1998, david parsons wrote:

> >Given that the KDE people have taken The GIMP source code and replaced
> >GTK with QT, against the wishes of The GIMP's authors, and that QT will
> >at some future date end up being released under the BSD License is what
> >is being discussed.

> The point where the GPL is used as a club to prevent people from
> reusing free[1] software in other projects is the point where
> everyone should reject the GPL and rerelease all their source
> under a different and freer license.

> If the GIMP's authors don't want people to reuse their source code
> under the provisions of the GPL, they should not have released
> their code under the GPL.

Huh?? Whats the problem, you don't like the GPL do you? License issues
aside, if GIMP's authors said they didnt want the KDE guys to use their
code for whatever reasons, using some license as a weapon to use that code
is very low and dirty, and reminds me of some corporation.

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